Water Heater Resizing Services

At A&T Plumbing and Son, we’ll help you find the perfect size and style of water heater for your home or business. From decreasing your water bill to never having to worry about a cold shower, having the right water heater comes with numerous benefits. Let us help you in the process of finding and installing and a new water heater—check out our water heater resizing service in Kane and McHenry County. 

What You Need to Know as a Homeowner 

For homeowners, there are two common types of water heater systems available: tank and tankless systems. Depending on your property, family size, and water output, one may better suit your home over the other. When suggesting water heater resizing, we work with Navien tankless water heaters and Bradford White tank-style water heaters. 

Tank System Benefits:

  •     Holds a consistent amount of water in its reservoir

  •     Can be more cost effective to install

  •     Good lifespan (10-15 years)

Tankless System Benefits:

  •     Provides endless hot water on demand

  •     Lower energy bills 

  •     Best expected lifespan (20+ years)

What You Need to Know for Your Business 

It’s crucial to have a professional assess the current and projected hot water usage and, sequentially, what size water heater you need. If you choose a water heater that’s too small, your employees and customers may complain about the lack of hot water. Likewise, if you choose a water heater that’s too big, your water and electricity bills may be excessively high.

If your business is looking to replace or resize your water heater, get in touch with us. We can provide useful insight and services to ensure you end up in the best possible situation. Before setting up an appointment, you’ll receive a no-obligation, free-quote over the phone. When you’re ready to begin, contact us about our water heater resizing services—available throughout Kane and McHenry County.