Sewer & Pipe Repair Services

Sewer lines and water lines functionality is crucial to a properly running plumbing system. Without annual maintenance or repair, malfunctioning sewer and pipe lines can become a serious and costly problem. If you waited too long to call in a professional before, you know first-hand what an unsightly headache it can be. At A&T Plumbing and Son, our sewer and pipe repair services come in handy for residence throughout Kane and McHenry County. We can help you maintain the integrity of your plumbing system.

There are several key warning signs your pipes or sewer line require repair. Important signs you should call in an expert include gurgling toilet water, basement floor drain backing up, slow draining sinks, toilets and tubs, and backups in any appliance connected to your plumbing system. Other signs to watch out for include pooling water—especially on your lawn—and leaky water lines. 

One or all of the above warning signs could indicate numerous potential problems. Every home or office sewer and water line system contains various valves, connecting pipes, and appliances. Thanks to our years of experience with sewer and pipe repair services in Kane and McHenry County, we can resolve numerous causes of sewer and pipe problems. 

We’ve seen it all:

  •     Blocked lines caused by tree roots

  •     Constant leakage or backups

  •     External debris causing partial blockage

  •     Pipe damage caused by ground movement

  •     Pipe damage from extreme weather and temperature shifts

  •     Completely obstructed pipes or lines 

Of these sewer and pipe problems, damage caused by tree roots, foreign objects, and cracked pipes are the most common causes throughout Northern Illinois. At A&T Plumbing and Son, we have the necessary tools to remove, clear, and repair your pipes. In some cases, we may suggest upgrading or replacing pipe lines to ensure you won’t have issues in the future. 

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If you’re experiencing any abnormalities with pipes or sewer lines in your home or office, take preemptive actions today. Give us a call at 847-426-5639 to set up a time for a thorough investigation, diagnosis, and repair service. Our experienced plumbers are ready to handle anything you need via our sewer and pipe repair service in Kane and McHenry County.